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At the start of this week we can all take the opportunity to think about this years theme – Kindness, to yourself and others.

It is also a time when we can think about our own mental health journeys and well-being priorities. So this year, as social contact is limited and services and our Revival café is closed we decided that we would share ours with you. It has been incredibly hard and emotional at times and has highlighted how difficult and challenging it is to share these experiences, and how necessary it is to be kind to ourselves and others

This is why we thought it was so important that we should still try, as a mental health charity our aim is to challenge stigma and raise awareness and understanding how vulnerable and scared it can make you feel to open up means we can better understand, empathise and support. It is all very well to say or think people are talking about mental health more, but this is so often only on the surface, really opening up and talking still takes guts, it still means overcoming fear and judgement and it still is making yourself vulnerable. The hope is that one day it will be none of those things, it will be the same as talking about a broken leg. We are certainly not there yet but the more we talk the more likely that will be. We will share stories throughout the week, please keep checking back for further updates!

Please be aware that some of the stories contain emotive experiences and may be triggering. If you are effected by anything please do contact us or other support available

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