One in four of us experience a mental health problem every year.  Our mental health training aims to build awareness of the prevalence of mental health, but also help people to understand the particular problems and challenges which others may be facing.

To do this we break our Mental Health Awareness Training into the following four modules:

  • Introduction to Mental Health Awareness – 120min – £400
  • Understanding Depression – 90min – £350
  • Mental Health Awareness – 90min – £350
  • Understanding Stress and Anxiety – 90min – £350

Our Mental Health Awareness Training can be delivered in either a virtual or a face-to-face capacity.

If you are interested in booking or finding out more about any of our courses, please contact East Kent Mind at


Introduction to Mental Health Awareness

This workshop is designed to help us recognise some of the signs that someone may be experiencing mental ill health. Delegates will look at some of the more common mental illnesses and how to support people struggling with these. We will also explore how to recognise possible signs that may indicate someone is experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide. We will talk about how to approach someone you are concerned about and explore ways of starting a conversation with them. We will also look at the use of appropriate and inappropriate language around mental health.

Understanding Depression

This workshop is designed to help us recognise the signs of depression in ourselves or others. The key outcomes of the course are:

  • To understand what depression is.
  • To recognise the signs and symptoms of depression
  • To understand the impact of depression
  • Ways to support ourselves and others
  • Where we can get support
  • We also cover different thinking styles and techniques which may be useful to manage depression

Mental Health Awareness

This Mental Health Awareness workshop is designed to start conversations about mental ill health. People suffering from mental ill health in the workplace need support from everyone so the workshop is designed to ensure that organisation’s staff have the tools and support they need to manage mental health issues in the workplace. Sessions are delivered to individual organisations thereby providing a secure learning environment.

The key learning outcomes are:

  • To gain insight into the more well known mental illnesses
  • To learn how a person experiencing mental ill health may be feeling
  • How to create an open discussion relating to mental illness and wellbeing
  • To consider how a person experiencing mental illness may feel supported

Understanding Stress and Anxiety

  • This workshop is designed to help us recognise what stress and anxiety are.
  • To be able to recognise the risk factors for stress and anxiety.
  • To understand the symptoms of stress and anxiety.
  • To understand the stress container.
  • To recognise possible triggers for stress and anxiety.
  • Coping mechanisms and ways to combat stress and anxiety.
  • Where we can get support.