A Short Story of Recovery


A Short Story of Recovery “About 10 days ago, I had called numerous help lines over 6weeks, trying to get some help. At the age of 38, I found myself with a family and for the first time RESPONSIBILITIES. I had a good life, new car on the drive, feeding ducks with family, working in [...]

A Short Story of Recovery2020-05-22T13:50:46+01:00

Our Mend, Make and Motivation group


Below is a photo from today’s digital timetabled Make, Mend and Motivate. We had a fun time making medals for each other and ourselves to honour how far we have come with our mental health, the courage it takes to attend a group, the newly found friends to support us along our journey and [...]

Our Mend, Make and Motivation group2020-05-21T08:36:31+01:00

Volunteer Lockdown Coping Tips


Nina our volunteer shares her coping tips during lockdown Things I’ve learnt so far that are really helping: - Lower your expectations of yourself, this is a time of real uncertainty and is not something that we have experienced before so don’t expect yourself to be able to know what to do all the time [...]

Volunteer Lockdown Coping Tips2020-05-21T08:17:24+01:00
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