Young Adults’ Project

Wellbeing Hub

Welcome to the Wellbeing Hub. The Wellbeing Hub is the one stop shop for Young Adults aged 16-25 looking to improve their wellbeing and find support for their Mental Health.

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing can mean a lot of things for different people. We like to see wellbeing as health, a feeling of happiness, and being comfortable.

The Wellbeing Hub follows the 5 Ways of Wellbeing to help improve the wellbeing of the young adults we work with.

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  • Staying well: Support people likely to develop mental health problems, to stay well
  • Empowering choice: Empower people who experience a mental health problem to make informed choices about how they live and recover
  • Improving services and support: Ensure people get the right services and support at the right time to help their recovery and enable them to live with their mental health problem
  • Enabling social participation: Open the doors to people with experience of mental health problems participating fully in society
  • Removing inequality of opportunity: Gain equality of treatment for people who experience both mental health and other forms of discrimination
  • Organisational excellence: Make the most of our assets by building a culture of excellence
  • Open: We reach out to anyone who needs us.
  • Together: We’re stronger in partnerships.
  • Responsive: We listen, we act.
  • Independent: We speak out fearlessly.
  • Unstoppable: We never give up.

 “Almost three quarters of children and young people who experience a mental health problem aren’t getting the help they need. We want to change that.”

Charlotte Welsby,  Young Adults Project Coordinator