Save DAVE Service nominated for award

With one in six men being a victim of domestic abuse, the charity Dads Unlimited set up Save DAVE Service, to ensure that all men (not only those that are Dads) of any sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, religion or disability are given support.
This support is particularly pertinent as almost half (49%) male victims of domestic abuse don’t let anyone know about what they are going through. This determination to provide support to any male suffering from domestic abuse is why the initiative has been nominated for the Kent Mental Wellbeing Awards.

The Save DAVE service was the first male domestic abuse service to be set up in England and Wales, to assist those in Kent and Medway. Based in Ashford, Save DAVE (Domestic Abuse Victim Empowerment) Service aided 154 men in its first year. This almost doubled the expectation of the amount of men that the initiative would be supporting, with the help of two Domestic Violence Advocates’s (IDVA’s) and little marketing.

It is believed that nearly 700,000 men are victims of Domestic Abuse which means it was imperative for the service to aim to further reach the male population. Therefore in February 2023, the Save DAVE Service enrolled a national IDVA, which means that the initiative is able to reach many more men who may be worried to speak out about what they are enduring and need somebody’s assistance.

Through this service, Dad’s Unlimited has been able to assist 446 men in Kent and Medway, so the idea of the number the charity can now reach is encouraging. This is because it gives hope that they will be able to be there for many more men who may believe they will not be able to find the support they need, due to lack of awareness or spotlight on the issue. This determination from Dad’s Unlimited demonstrates one of the reasons why the Save DAVE Service deserves to be nominated for the Kent Wellbeing Awards, as it is willing to provide and seek support for those who may not get it as much in comparison to others that are in need.

The awards are organised by the mental health charity Mind in Bexley and East Kent and are supported by a range of organisations in the sector.

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