Sophie Dodds

Bringing joy during the darkest of times

How we perceive we look to others can hugely affect our self-confidence and self-belief. To ease this anxiety Sophie Dodds offers a clinic providing a range of free beauty treatments. The JOY initiative was sparked following the death of her father when she at her lowest. Now Sophie has been nominated for the Kent Mental Wellbeing Awards 2024. Kate Orr from the awards team interviewed Sophie to find out more.

Joy Of You is a foundation that was created by permanent make-up artist Sophie Dodds to help those struggling with grief, overcoming adversity, and suffering a variety of medical conditions.

It is an initiative unlike any other; it is a free self-funded clinic once a month in Herne Bay, offering treatments such as ombré brows, lip blush, scalp tattooing, areola tattooing, hair pigmentation and her trademark Glam Liner to anyone who may find it hard to cope, has lost confidence, having financial difficulties or lack the time for themselves.

This initiative goes above and beyond to make clients feel cared for and supported through the means of self-care. Sophie and her team work extremely hard to ensure that no one is turned away. Amanda, the team’s new Medical Reflexologist helps ensure that those undertaking medical treatment such as chemotherapy are still able to access treatments by JOY.

The reason behind this whole initiative was that Sophie lost her father a few years ago, and in response to this grief she wanted to create a safe environment for anyone to feel a little better.

She realised the potential power of JOY a long time ago and it was always her goal as a makeup artist to bring joy to those facing great personal and emotional challenges.

Sophie recalled a time when she went to the hairdressers shortly after her father died and the hairdresser asked what she wanted, and she looked in the mirror and said “I don’t want to see grief anymore.”

This I thought beautifully summed up JOY. It is an opportunity to focus on the power of makeup and beauty to reinstall a sense of empowerment in the face of adversity. It a space where clients can talk about their struggles, but also a place where they can focus on the present and be cared for. She described this trauma or struggle that people have as being like a backpack, and everyone has one of different shapes and sizes relating to their life experiences. JOY is an opportunity for you to just place this bag down.

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