Appreciation station gives support to wellbeing staff

Jenna Pethurst has been nominated for a charity award for her work as a mental health wellbeing practitioner working in the Ashford and Canterbury Community Mental Health Team.

Jenna is an outstanding member of the team who is always positive and enthusiastic, even when the team is dealing with stressful situations, changes and high workloads, and always supports staff through such transformation, going above and beyond her role and responsibilities.

CMHTs (Community Mental Health Teams) across the country have been the subject of huge change and transformation in the way that they work, causing a lot of stress and uncertainty amongst the workforce, but Jenna has taken a lead in supporting staff through such difficult times. She has introduced an ‘appreciation station’, where team members write appreciation notes for other members in the team to boost morale and spirit, and has organised book swaps and other regular team events such as baking competitions and team drinks.

The nominator said, “We can always rely on Jenna to be positive even in the light of very difficult events and situations at work, and she demonstrates empathy and kindness in every way. She is a pleasure to work with.”

The Kent Mental Wellbeing awards is an annual event designed to showcase the people, organisations and initiatives that help us cope with life. The event’s three themes are: kindness and compassion; wellbeing; mental health.

Whether it is in school, business, community or family, so many of us have been lucky to have people and organisations with ideas, tips and tactics to help us cope. It is time to celebrate those mental health and well-being champions in our community and share this best practice.

The awards will be staged in October by the mental health charity Mind in Bexley and East Kent in collaboration with a range of wellbeing and mental health organisations.

Nominations can be linked to a simple act of kindness that lifted the spirits, a business that has improved staff wellbeing, through to a targeted initiative delivered by a charity or statutory organisation to support a mental health issue.

The event is sponsored by Kent County Council, Kent Community Foundation, ADM Computing, GrainLNG – National Grid, Medway Council, Optyma Security, Ble Global, Wave Community Bank, Cactus Graphics and CommunityAid.

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