Nina our volunteer shares her coping tips during lockdown

Things I’ve learnt so far that are really helping:

  • – Lower your expectations of yourself, this is a time of real uncertainty and is not something that we have experienced before so don’t expect yourself to be able to know what to do all the time
  • – Get your diary out each evening and plan the next day
  • – Set yourself a couple of things that you want to achieve per day (just small things) so that you feel a sense of accomplishment every day
  • – Practice living in the moment, we only know what we know so stay in the present and try to enjoy the moment
  • – Get up and do some kind of movement every morning, this could be a walk, a 10 min stretch…just get the body moving and the endorphins flowing
  • – Focus on the things that you can be grateful for
  • – Snacking too much? Try putting your snacks for the day in a Tupperware pot, you are only allowed to snack from this box, once they are gone, they are gone
  • – Breath. Learn to connect to your breath, tuning into our breath can instantly relax us