Below is a photo from today’s digital timetabled Make, Mend and Motivate. We had a fun time making medals for each other and ourselves to honour how far we have come with our mental health, the courage it takes to attend a group, the newly found friends to support us along our journey and to commemorate Mental Health Awareness Week 2020. Each member participated and we had an award ceremony at the end! I have to say this week has been the most memorable, and the attendees were in agreement sharing some of the challenges they have overcome during Covid-19 lockdown.

Please see below feedback received from our group members:

“I love these groups, to me they mean “my time – my day”

“I love crafting, it helps me to relax”

“I can physically feel the stress leaving my body, just by sitting here in the quiet, snipping away at card with you guys”

“I’ve been looking forward to this group all week!”